The Centricity Customer Satisfaction Surveys app is a web based 360° Customer Satisfaction Management solution. The app addresses the needs of both business to obtain continuous, high quality, real time, actionable and distributed customer feedback and the needs of customers to provide feedback to businesses in a convenient online and reliable method. The app is an Event Driven Feedback (EDF) solution, which means that customers are surveyed shortly after utilising a service and therefore provides a continuous flow of customer feedback with advanced service failure notifications.

In a fully automated environment, Centricity CSS is integrated with service providers systems such as a CRM System, ERP System or hotel Property Management System which deliver the customers data to the Centricity CSS app on a daily basis via a file upload or continuous basis via our API. Centricity CSS sends all of the customers with a valid email address an email invitation with a link to their online survey. The customer completes the survey and the information is stored in the system and email notifications are then sent to the company users and administrators. Once the survey is completed all system reports are immediately updated with the additional ratings and the system users can respond to customers via a two-way email messaging system from within the app. All messages between the service provider and the customer are logged in the system and can be viewed in the customer’s profile.